Dunbar Christmas Craft Fair

I will be at the Dunbar Christmas Craft Fair this year!

This Christmas Craft Fair is celebrating 35 years in existence this year. I remember the first time I went to this craft show and how busy it was. It was one of the first large scale craft markets, before Got Craft and Make it. If you are looking for interesting, one of a kind christmas gifts, or just want to pick up some things for yourself, this is the place.

The building is large and just about every room is dedicated to the Craft Fair. I will be located in the main gym, towards the back. They will have food trucks outside, in case you get hungry, as well as coffee and goodies inside. You will also have the opportunity to win one of many gift baskets filled with items donated by the vendors (myself included). You can get tickets online in advance here: 

Please stop by my table and say hello! I would love to see you there!

Dunbar Community Centre
4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC

Dunbar Poster 2017.jpg